At Aerial Yoga Netherlands we are happy to help you on your way into the world of hammock yoga. This special form of yoga in cloths is intended for everyone, both young and old. It does not matter for hammock yoga whether you are already an advanced person or whether you have yet to take your first flight. You can not only come to us for aerial yoga courses, but you can also buy a hammock cloth with the best quality.

Challenge yourself with hammock yoga

If you follow an aerial yoga course with us in the Netherlands or Belgium, you will create time for yourself again. During the yoga in wraps course you deal with your body in a conscious way. When you hang in a hammock cloth, you discover how incredibly much you can handle. Hammock yoga can therefore be an ideal way of therapy. This floating yoga can also be used in many other sectors. If you prefer to learn how to work in a cloth for hammock yoga from the comfort of your own home, there are still our online training courses.Through our lessons you will learn your resilience, but you will also be more aware of your breathing and mindfulness. That is why purposeful movement is an important part of yoga in wraps.

About Aerial Yoga Nederland

Janneke van Amelsvoort is the founder, CEO and Master Teacher Trainer of Bungee Super Fly, Aerial Yoga Netherlands and Aerial Therapy Netherlands. Twelve years ago Janneke started developing Aerial Yoga in the Netherlands and never imagined how her ideas would grow into the world famous brand. It was the ultimate combination of her passion and experience as an aerial acrobat, dancer and yoga instructor. She thought, “I can do this all my life, anyone can do this! How nice it is to feel like being an aerial acrobat, to experience freedom and air, to make it accessible to a wide audience and to awaken the playful child in everyone.”

Over the years, she has noted that the effectiveness of the various dimensions of aerial yoga has enabled her students to experience physical, mental, and emotional release and strengthening. Consequently, she has recognized that so many people have benefited in various ways from playing with the gravity and balance aspects of the canvas and body. In the meantime, however, Janneke had also founded the company Bungee Super Fly, which took off enormously. The concept of creating a fitness workout, which is performed by elements used in the aerial acrobat industry, allowing all individuals to perform in the same way and undergo intensive training, quickly gained international recognition. Thus, the company has expanded internationally, hoping that Aerial Yoga and Aerial Therapy will do the same. But the most effective way to improve your overall health, confidence and self-awareness is to combine both Aerial Yoga Netherlands and Bungee Super Fly, due to their different yet complementary aspects.


The core of Aerial Yoga Netherlands is to train specialists on a highly impactful way of dealing with stress, traumas, triggers and more, to be more present in the rapidly changing times. Our minds and bodies cannot adapt to the changing society at the same speed. That is why we strive to show society the benefits of using the canvas as a partner and mirror to confront yourself directly. The air hammock lets you feel where tension is. Through the embrace and massage of the hammock, the tension is gone and complex challenges become insightful. Our interest is to clarify your internal communication and realize a transformation of optimal cooperation between your body and mind; head, heart and abdominal brain. A solid foundation is laid through beautiful exercises and personal guidance, with the aim of achieving lasting results. To achieve these goals, we provide you with the tools for better communication between your body and mind. Our workouts are built on the foundations of safety, empowerment and joy so you can trust the process of greater self-discipline.

We are convinced that by exercising consciously you can live a more beautiful and stronger life, a challenge that we would like to take on together with you!

Sign up for a training

We have been providing training in the Benelux in the field of aerial yoga for more than ten years. So be sure to sign up for our basic course of hammock yoga and come along for an interesting course by experts in aerial yoga. Aerial Yoga Netherlands is a flying studio in the Netherlands and Belgium with multiple studio collaborations. That is why the locations where our training takes place differ and we do not have an office to visit. Our training courses are aimed at yoga teachers, physiotherapists, coaches and other similar specialists who want to expand their knowledge to work with their clients in a different way. This provides a competitive advantage for you or your company which we also help if you become part of our community. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our range of hammocks

If you want to get started with a swing cloth yourself, you can take a look at our different hammocks. We only have a webshop to buy materials. You will therefore find everything you need for yoga in cloths in our webshopWe have all kinds of sizes available, and you can also buy a hammock cloth for a child. At Aerial Yoga Netherlands we believe that hammock yoga can have benefits for everyone. You must of course attach the swing cloths to the ceiling. We offer various systems for this in concrete, wood and on beams. If you still have questions about yoga in cloths or want to buy a hammock cloth yourself, you can always contact us.