Founder, CEO and Master Teacher Trainer for Bungee Super Fly, Aerial Yoga Netherlands and Aerial Therapy Netherlands.


Janneke started developing Aerial Yoga in the Netherlands 12 years ago, she never imagined how her ideas would grow into the world famous brand. It was the ultimate combination of her passion and experience as an aerial acrobat, dancer and yoga instructor. She thought, 'I can do this all my life, anyone can do this! “How nice to feel like being an aerial acrobat, to experience freedom and air, to make it accessible to a wide audience and to awaken the playful child in everyone.” 


Over the years, she has noted that the effectiveness of the various dimensions of aerial yoga has enabled her students to experience physical, mental, and emotional release and strengthening. As a result, she has recognized that so many people have benefited in different ways from playing with the gravity and balance aspects of the canvas and body.


In the meantime, however, Janneke had also founded the company Bungee Super Fly which took off enormously. The concept of creating a fitness workout performed by elements used in the aerial acrobat industry, allowing all individuals to perform in the same way and undergo intensive training, quickly became internationally recognized. Thus, the company has expanded internationally, hoping that Aerial Yoga and Aerial Therapy will do the same.


Teacher Yoga

Talks from experience

“Not everything went the way it should have gone. But the most important thing is how I handled it. I created Aerial Yoga after my burnout and it has prevented it from happening again. It has most effectively helped me to come out of the burnout stronger with the canvas (and the Bungee Super Fly). After that I discovered endless benefits of the cloth and have been promoting the importance of mental and physical well-being ever since using an aerial acceleration tool."


Our Goal

The core of Aerial Yoga Netherlands is to train specialists on a highly impactful way of dealing with stress, trauma, triggers and more, to be more present in the rapidly changing times. Our minds and bodies cannot adapt to the changing society at the same speed. That is why we strive to show society the benefits of using the canvas as a partner and mirror to confront yourself directly. The air hammock lets you feel where tension is. Through the embrace and massage of the hammock, the tension is gone and complex challenges become insightful. Our interest is to clarify your internal communication and realize a transformation of optimal cooperation between your body and mind; head, heart and abdominal brain. A solid foundation is laid through beautiful exercises and personal guidance, with the aim of achieving lasting results. To achieve these goals, we provide you with the tools for better communication between your body and mind. Our workouts are built on the foundations of safety, empowerment and joy so you can trust the process of greater self-discipline.

We are convinced that by exercising consciously you can live a more beautiful and stronger life, a challenge that we would like to take on together with you!


Aerial Yoga is one of the youngest forms of yoga, millions of people worldwide already practice Aerial Yoga every day. A beautiful way of moving that will benefit you in all areas.

  • The hammock offers support and comfort
  • You build resilience

  • Strengthens your mobility, flexibility and strength (movement chain)

  • Detox your body

  • Better blood circulation

  • Is a massage therapy (neuro-lymphatic massage & trigger point massage)

  • Allows inversion without pressure on the spine

  • Increases the sense of touch

  • Stimulates the lymph nodes (increases the immune system)

  • Brain training and neuroplasticity

  • Get powerful

  • Reduces stress

  • Creates relaxation and calmness

  • Growing self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Triggers happiness hormones 

  • Your smile becomes more beautiful;


Our interest is to clarify your internal communication and realize a transformation of optimal cooperation between your body and mind. A solid foundation is laid through beautiful exercises and personal guidance, striving for lasting results.


Are you looking for a job, are you attracted to our mission and do you want to contribute to the company?


Aerial Yoga Netherlands focuses on informing the population about how beneficial the aerial cloth is as a tool to improve your health and make you happier. We need a passionate team to train as many people as possible in how to use the aerial fabric as effectively and safely as possible. 


We are looking for like-minded people who strive to make the fast-paced world a less stressful place. From one-on-one sessions to large companies, our goal is to show them the uniqueness of what we offer. And we need help with that.


Are you enthusiastic about the mental and physical improvement of people? Are you hardworking to make a change in the world? And do you have marketing, finance, operations, customer service, assistant work or another job or study background that will help us achieve our goal?