Aerial Yin Yoga Fascia (Dag 1/2)

Date & Time
Date(s) - 23/03/2024 - 24/03/2024
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Yin yoga training activates the energy flow in the body. This yoga training improves your health and fitness. You experience your own body more comfortably through a wider range of motion.


Yin yoga differs in several ways from other forms of aerial yoga. You hold the positions for a longer period of time the swings. This Yin yoga course gives you the time to explore your own limits. During the day of the yoga training focus mainly on strengthening, but also relaxing your joints and connective tissue. This form of aerial yoga has a lot of physical and mental benefits benefits. Both your condition and your health will improve thanks to this Yin yoga training.


Aerial Yin Fascia

Aerial Yin Fascia focuses on the anatomy of fascia (connective tissue) and how the yin postures give a deep massage with the help of the aerial cloth to let go, better drain waste and feel better physically, mentally and emotionally to sit.



This training is given in Dutch.

Data: 23 & 24 maart 2024

Locatie: Studio-Veerkracht Amsterdam

Times: 10am – 5pm

Investment: €300,00

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