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De eerste stap op je pad van aerial yoga is onze Aerial Yoga opleiding. 

Aerial Yoga Nederland is a flying studio in the Netherlands and Belgium with multiple studio collaborations. That is why the locations of our courses differ.

We only provide training, so no group lessons. The courses can be for personal development, to teach lessons or to use as an aid in traditional therapy. Aerial Yoga Netherlands is an educational platform that aims to educate the world about the power of self-awareness through the use of well-being-enhancing playful aerial supertool. 


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The fundamentals of our yoga training

We make a great start together at the Basics Training. There you will get acquainted with the principles and benefits van aerial yoga.

Je kunt direct ervaren hoe yoga with a cloth contributes to your personal growth, both physically and mentally. Thanks to our Aerial Yoga Basics training you will discover a conscious way of exercising. After the basic training you can get started right away!

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Have you seen an Aerial Yoga training in our extensive range that you are interested in? Register today for our Basics training or one of our follow-up modules. You can always reach us on the number +31 20 211 11 25 or by sending an email to for more info.