Experience the benefits of Aerial Yoga

The first step on your path of Aerial Yoga is the Fundamentals Training. From this foundation course you can continue to any module you want to follow, whether that is a module where the hammock hangs at hip height or just above the ground.

Aerial Yoga modules


Aerial Yoga Asana

Practicing this young form of Asana will stimulate your body on all levels and teach you a new way to practice your physical postures. Discover how you get more insights through a different perspective (inversions).

Aerial Yoga Asana 2

A immersion in Asana Aerial Yoga. Inspiring postures & variation for both teachers and those looking for more insights. Learning to understand how each body moves differently. 

Aerial Yoga Flow

With our Aerial Yoga Flow you will be given the insights and the tools to move from one posture to another posture smoothly. This will create a more intense experience of Aerial Yoga.

*This module is only possible after completing Asana or Asana immersion

maandag 21 +
maandag 28 maart 2022
Yogadreams Zaandam

Docent founder Janneke van Amelsvoort

Aerial Relax & Recharge

Aerial Yoga Relax & Recharge

The Relax & Recharge module offers you the tools to relax and slow down. By practicing this, Aerial Yoga will create space in your body and you will recharge completely. 

zaterdag 5 +
zondag 6 februari 2022 
YogaMoves Utrecht

Docent founder Janneke van Amelsvoort

maandag 5 +
maandag 12 september 2022
Yogadreams Zaandam  
          Docent founder Janneke van Amelsvoort


Aerial Yin Yoga

Aerial Yin Fascia

Aerial Yin Yoga activates the energy flow in your body. This increases your health and fitness through a wider range of motion, making you experience your body more pleasantly. 

Aerial Nidra

Aerial relax

With Aerial Nidra you learn with the help of exercises and visualizations to rest weightlessly. You will receive tools to guide yourself or someone else in this special form of meditation.

Aerial Kids

Aerial Kids Boom

We willen kinderen spelenderwijs meer laten begrijpen van hun binnen- en buiten wereld.
Ze in hun kracht zetten en soepel om leren gaan met uitdagingen, of deze nou fysiek, mentaal of (sociaal) emotioneel zijn.
Het aerial doek is daarvoor een geweldige tool.

Aanbod komt o.a. les structuur, mindfulness voor kinderen, spelletjes, verhalen, werken met emoties, beelden, diverse materialen die samen met het doek te gebruiken zijn, ed. 

Aerial Yoga voor peuters, kinderen, kinderen met speciale behoeften en voor jongeren.

Aerial Workouts

Aerial Acrobatics

Aerial Acrobatics

Aerial Acrobatics fits in perfectly with the trend of today's expressive sports, like poledance and polefitness, challenge yourself by this challenging form of Aerial Yoga.

Data worden binnenkort bekend!

Aerial Dance

Aerial Dance is even more challenging than the Acrobatics. Flow from one pose to another to perform a dance! The hammock is still at hip height above the ground.

Aerial Strength & Conditioning

Aerial Strenght & Conditioning

A functional sports module. Our most challenging module for sports enthusiasts where you explore the limits of your body and fitness