Question about Aerial Yoga or the products?

About Aerial Yoga

Can Aerial Yoga cure my backpain?

Aerial Yoga practicioners experienced improvement of their backpains by the compression inversions of the hammock. We have asked professionals to see if they can find evidence. In the meantime, come to class and find out for yourself if you will benefit!

How will i feel after class?

You will feel bigger, lighter and happier. Your muscles get fresh blood and you will feel invigorated.


Can everyone join the Aerial trainings?

If you have a good understanding about the physical body, movement and strenght, you are fit to enroll in our trainings. 

If you are a yoga teacher, pilates teacher, an advanced yoga practicioner, dancer, fysiotherapist, fitness enthusiast or if you took more Aerial Yoga classes with us, you will benefit most of our trainings.

Can everyone join the Aerial trainings?

After our Fundamental training isn't a complete teacher training. So if you don't have any teaching background, don't expect that you are a Yoga teacher after this training. It's mostly meant as an extension of existing teaching capabilities.

As a student in our training we expect that you have a certain basic knowledge about yoga and teaching, but that's not a hard requirement if you want to do the training as an immersion or an extension for your own practice.

We will look into how you can teach Aerial Yoga and of course some anatomy.

I want to do one your Aerial Yoga modules, but i didn't do a Fundamentals training. Is it possible?

No, to participate in one of our modules you will have to participate in the Fundamentals training. This is the basic information about the hammock and safety principles. If you have completed another Aerial training, please send us an email. met ons op. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Please notify us latest 24 hours for the course start. Time is precious, so we will respect everyone's time.

During an Aerial Yoga class

What do i have to bring to a class/training?

For the ladies: A shirt with (short) sleeves and preferably a legging. (No smooth fabric)
For the men: A compression pants/leggings with a short on top of it for comfort. (no smooth fabric)
Nauwsluitend katoen of katoenmix (niet glad).

Class etiquette

  • Please be there 10 minutes before the class starts. 
  • Because of safety reasons, it's not allowed to join a class after it has started. 
  • Everyone who arrives after a class already started, will be asked to join a later class.
  • Mobile devices are not allowed inside the classroom. Put your devices on silence and leave it with your personal belongings.

Do you have to be physically fit for the class?

Not necessarily. In the Aerial Yoga class, the hammock will support your body. This makes that the class is accesible for different levels. Aerial Yoga is the easiest for someone who has a consistent fitness schedule and has a strong core.

Do i have to eat before coming to class?

We recommend to eat a little bit, so you don't have a completely empty stomach. Don't eat a full meal before joining an Aerial Yoga class.

Will i get dizzy or nauseas?

If you have a tendency to get dizzy or nauseas (motion sickness) it can happen. We have several methods to help you feel a bit better. So please let the teacher know if you don't feel too good. 

Do i have to reserve a spot?

We recommend to reserve a spot, our classes intend to be full.


What do you mean by Height till hangingpoint?

The height from the floor to the ceiling of the beam. We will do the math and give you the hammock which is suitable for that height. If you want to use the hammock low as well, please let uw know in the purchase notes. 

If your height isn't available, always go for the longer option. A hammock can be a bit longer, but when it's shorter you can't do anything with it. So with a ceiling height of 2.65m, choose a 3m hammock.. Bij een plafondhoogte van 2.65m kies je dus 3m. 

How do I install a hammock?

In the shop we provide you with 3 options.

  • Around a beam. We provide you with slings which you can loop around the beam. These slings are 50 cm long.
  • In a wooden beam. We provide you with screws for in the beam. You will get an instruction manual
  • In a concrete ceiling 
    You will get a chemical injection and screws. You will get an instruction manual. 

Do you provide daisy chains with a complete hammock?

The package of a complete hammock contains a hammock in a color of your choosing, and one rigging option, depending on your situation. A chemical injection, screws or slings. Daisy chains have to be ordered seperately.