Combideal: Super Fly Play Hammock & Aerial Yoga Hammock


In the Super Fly Play Hammock kids can exercise their energy; climb, swing, play hide & seek, together, or just chilling or just relax in their own safe cocoon.

Fun and educational; braintraining!

Do you want to go into the hammock yourself?
For adults also not a bad idea. Hanging upside can refresh your mind. Releasing tension in your body and head, so that you can relax.

The package contains:

- Super Fly Play Hammock (with two carabiners)
- Aerial Yoga Hammock (with 2 carabiners- adjustable to a height of maximum of 3 meters)
- 1 rope to attach and readjust the height of the Super Fly Play Hammock

Super Fly Play Hammock for kids up to 50kg.
Aerial Yoga Hammock up to 600 kg.



The fabrics are 1.50m in width and made of the same polyester that you will find in climbing rope. It's woven in a way that it stretches a bit in the length, but not too much.
This fabric is used by Aerial Acrobats; so it's really strong.

  • High loading capacity
  • Wear resistant, not prone to tearing.
  • Good grip, not slippery
  • Because of the minimum in elasticity you can easily determine the height of the hammock but it does move when you are in a posture.
  • Multiple possibilities and it's easy to work with.
  • Naturally fire resistant

Be aware!
Colors can differ a bit because of the screen color.

Do you need rigging materials? Order the Aerial Yoga Hammock complete

Additional information

Color Super Fly Play Hammock

Blue, Pink, Petrol

Color Aerial Yoga Hammock

Blue, Pink, Petrol


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